Heating of restaurant / cafe

In a place where people come to relax and have a good time, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions. Everything is important here – the humidity of the air, its composition and the principle of movement in the room, and most importantly – the temperature.

You can implement the heating of a cafe or restaurant in various ways, which are partly dictated by the characteristics of the room and its location, as well as economic and practical benefits.

How to install heating for a restaurant or cafe?

• First, heaters for cafes and restaurants should not create odors or enhance them.

• Secondly, they should not cause discomfort to visitors (noise, buzzing).

• Third, they are safe for human health."

The main options that are most often used in our conditions are three.

These are: water heating, air or electric.

Water heating can be carried out from an external source (utility networks) or from an Autonomous boiler.

In both cases, you can not do without laying a complex system of communications, pipelines, technical documentation, etc. Such heating must be designed in accordance with the standards, calculated hydraulic characteristics of the system that will fit the equipment and features of the building.

Air heating assumes the presence of supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation.

Its complexity is a significant amount of air that must be driven through the air ducts to heat the premises. Accordingly, the energy consumption for operation increases. As air heating, it is also possible to install an air conditioner at the entrance – it will cut off cold air when opening the doors.

Electric heating in the matter of simplicity and convenience of arrangement definitely wins. Modern infrared panels do not require piping or prior approval of the technical project.

In terms of practicality and economy, they also have a number of advantages. The principle of operation of such electric panels is to transmit infrared waves of heat to surrounding objects. This in turn allows you to warm the room more efficiently. In addition, there is almost no movement of air during heating, and this is extremely important in restaurants and cafes.

Economical heating for cafes, restaurants and bars

Infrared electric heaters for cafes are one of the simplest, most practical and modern options. Additional savings in this heating can be provided by thermoregulators – they control the level of heat that is transmitted by the device. For public institutions, it is convenient to use programmers – these are the same thermoregulators, but with the ability to set settings for a week.

Such an automated system:

1. Automatically turns on the panels, heats the room to the required temperature before the arrival of staff and visitors.

2. Then goes into a mode of maintenance of temperature during the day.

3. turns them off at the end of the working day.

Керамический обогреватель Теплокерамик в ресторане Колыба

Ceramic heater in the Kolyba restaurant of the Forest Camp complex in Migovo village

Advantages of Teploceramic panels for restaurants, cafes, bars

• Efficient heating system. This is due to the fact that the heaters can be connected independently in different rooms, which allows you to control the temperature according to your needs and provide savings.

• Can be paired with Central heating. Disconnecting from Central heating can be a real challenge, but to create the necessary level of warmth and comfort, you can use Teploceramic panels.

• Design. Ceramic infrared panels are available in various designs – this will allow you to install them in a ready-made interior without spoiling it either visually or physically, since there is no need to lay additional communications for installation.

There are many examples of switching to electric autonomous heating of apartments, houses and even entire cities in our country.

Examples of heating restaurants and cafes with "Teploceramic" panels:

• Kyiv, Fortetsia restaurant, 21 Gongadze av., (installed Teploceramic TCM-RA 750 heaters white);

• Cafe ""Deja vu"" in Zdolbunov, Rivne region;

• Cafe ""Kashtan"" in Rivne;

• Pizzeria-grill ""Le chal"" in Rivne;

• Kolyba in Forest Camp in Migovo village.


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