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Teploceramic heaters

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The lowest prices and service guarantee from the Teploсeramiс plant without intermediaries

Safety and environmental

Do not dry the air, do not emit harmful substances, withstand power surges


The infrared principle of operation allows you to reduce energy costs up to 30%


Ceramic panels in marble colors will decorate any interior

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Achievements of
LLC Teploceramіc

For 10 years of work, Teploceramic produced 1 000 300 heaters. Infrared panels Teploceramic are sold in large online stores and construction hypermarkets: "Rosetka", "Mobilluck", "Moyo", "Repka", "Epicenter", "Oldi", "Auchan". The year 2015 was marked by the company's entry into the European market. Products received Ukrainian and European certificates. In 2016, sales of electric heaters grew up 4 times. By 2017, the number of partner countries has grown to 25. For buyers of Teploceramic products, the manufacturer offers free delivery of products throughout Ukraine.



TEPLOCERAMIC® TC 395 infrared heater – perfect budget line model

TEPLOCERAMIC® ТСМ RА 750 model – stylish interior highlight & most economical heating

TEPLOCERAMIC® Hybrid heaters – TCH / TCH RA -Revolutionary new!


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Frequently asked questions from buyers

What you need to know before buying a heater?

You will find a guide to choosing a high-quality electric heater in the article: «How to choose the right safe infrared heater»

Which model should I choose?

To choose an infrared heater model, you need to know the area of the room and its characteristics (ceiling height, wall insulation, window quality). If a room with small heat losses, that is, the walls are insulated, there are no drafts, then you need to choose electric heaters based on the area that they can heat. The heating area is specified in the characteristics for each heater.

What is the average cost of a heater?

The minimum price of a home heater is 119 EUR. The TC 395 model is a budget option that can heat a room up to 8 m2. The average cost of an electric heater Teploceramic - about 189 EUR. This is the model TCM RA 550 (heating area up to 11 m2) with a built-in controller. And the limit price for a wall heater is about 279 EUR. This is the cost of a ТСН RA ceramic convector with a built-in regulator. An electric convector heats the room with infrared radiation, and additional convection helps to heat the air.

What are the most popular heaters in 2020?

The main place among electric heaters remains behind the infrared panels. They have won the market due to their economy and heating properties.

Ceramic convectors that combine two types of heating – infrared + warm air heating-are gaining popularity. The infrared convector is more effective when you need to quickly heat the room.

New in 2020 – ceramic towel rail, has all the chances to become one of the most popular models of heaters. It performs 2 functions at once: drying things + heating the bathroom. Stainless steel housing, ceramic front side – contribute to a long service life.

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