Production technology - safety



Closed type heating element. Double insulation of the heater ensures the safety of the device without the risk of overheating and short circuit. The degree of protection of the case (IP 54) allows the heater to be used in rooms with high humidity.

All TCM models have fasteners with special safety retainers. It is impossible to remove the heater from the bracket by pulling it towards you.

The panel resists power surges. All products have class II protection – the heating element is protected by a double layer of insulation. This completely eliminates the penetration of current "on the body". You can safely leave the panel turned on, leaving the room for a long time.

All devices are equipped with a three-wire cord. The plug connection also has a ground contact. Therefore, any damage to the internal insulation eliminates the occurrence of voltage on the metal body of the heater.

The temperature of the back wall of the panel is 50 C – 60 C. This means that the wall on which the heater hangs is barely heated. The electric panel can be installed in wooden houses without the risk of drying out the wood. The temperature of the front side of the device is within 80 C – 85 C. Touching the panel eliminates the possibility of getting burns – the warmth of a heated stone.

The panel works silently.

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