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Teploceramic - economical heaters of European quality

About the company

Teploceramic LLC is a Ukrainian company specializing in the development and production of modern economical electric heating. Made in Ukraine is not just a phrase, it is a sign of the highest quality of European products. Teploceramic is infrared heating that meets all the requirements of the modern world: care for the environment and human health, environmental friendliness and safety of materials used, ease of installation and operation, "smart" temperature control in the room, saving electricity and money for the consumer. Teploceramic – ELECTRIC heating, which is an ecological alternative to stationary heating, solid fuel and gas boilers that use the planet's fossil natural resources, which will be completely exhausted in the coming decades.
History of development the Teploceramic company


2012 Everything begins....

"Arthouse trade" LLC is engaged in the production of brackets for household appliances, but at the same time explores promising industries in search of a new exciting idea – a product that will change the world for the better.

2013 The idea is found!

The company decides to focus on developing long and medium wave heaters. These products correspond to the main global trends in economy, environmental friendliness and simplicity.

2014 First steps

Start of production of heaters. First presentations to customers. First reviews and first sales. Small rented space. Fully manual assembly.

2015 First SUCCESSES

Search for potential partners and instill in them faith in the effectiveness of an unknown heater. Registration of the first major transactions. Sales development, expansion of the staff, rent of a larger room.

2015 Overcoming difficulties…

We improve the technology. We analyze the experience of European manufacturers. We remove the existing shortcomings and create a new product – a completely redesigned infrared heater. The first participation in the international exhibition "Aqua therm" and the conclusion of successful contracts. European certification of infrared panels.

2016 On a wave of success

Electric heater Teploceramic conquers the Ukrainian market. Products appear on the shelves of hypermarkets: Epicenter, OLDI, in the online store Rozetka. Creation of a line of metal infrared heaters – TM "Sun Way". First deliveries of heating appliances to Germany and Poland.

2016 Expanding production

Sales growth. Moving to new production areas is a three-fold increase in the production area. Improvement of products for the European market: insulation of the back wall of the heater, electronic control of the panel temperature and air temperature.

2017 From "Arthouse trade" to "Teploceramic"

The company focuses its production exclusively on infrared heaters, the next step is to change the name. This is how Teploceramic LLC is born - a Ukrainian manufacturer of economical electric heating of the future.

2017-2018 Rapid development

Expanding the product line, creating new models. Signing contracts with: Foxtrot, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Fotos, etc. Expansion of the European partner network. Deliveries to Great Britain, Austria, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia.

2018-2020 From manual labor to automated production

The company fully automates production. A metalworking shop was launched. Equipment for cutting and bending metal was purchased. A paint section with the largest paint baking chamber in Ukraine has been put into operation. All these innovations allowed us to reach the daily figure of 1500 heaters.

Gradually, humanity begins to understand the importance of preserving nature and its subsoil. In 2018, the cities of Kamenskoye and Nikopol partially abandoned Central heating in favor of electric heating and installed Teploceramic heaters in high-rise buildings instead of conventional radiators.

European certificates

Teploceramic products are certified by an international agency and have CE certificates. Heaters are assigned the 1st class of electrical protection, which provides them with a long period of safe operation. IP of electric panels – 34. This means that Teploceramic products are protected from dust and are protected from steam or splashes. Download all European certificates

Ukrainian certificates

Teploceramic Panels are certified and meet the requirements and GOST Standards for household heating devices. The enterprise of the Teploceramic plant has implemented international quality system standards. Infrared heaters are sent to the Control Department before packaging. This is where testing and additional verification takes place.

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