Production technology - eco-friendliness



The infrared waves emitted by the panel, 8.33 microns long, are safe for humans. Comfortable heat similar to the warmth of a heated stone.

High-quality eco-friendly and safe components are used in the production of the heater.
Stoneware – has a low radiation background.
Nichrome – in double isolation.
Italian powder paints.

Electricity is the single cleanest source of energy that prevents harm to the environment.

The monolithic construction of the ceramic panel prevents air access to the heating element. The result is that oxygen is not burned, and there is no need for constant ventilation of the room.

The temperature of the heater in the range of 80 – 85 C. This ensures a comfortable level of humidity in the room. The air is not too dry, and accordingly – the mucous membranes do not dry out, there is no effect of dry skin of the hands and face.

Unlike a convector, an infrared heater does not raise dust. The air in the heated room always remains clean and fresh.

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