Cooperation with one of the world's leading manufacturers "Teploceramic" gives you the opportunity to:
  • Consistently make a profit

    The partnership will provide you with a constant flow of orders in the rapidly developing infrared heating market. Together, we can build a business that will bring you an income of 3-5 million euros per year.
  • Work with a popular high-quality product

    The infrared heating market is the fastest growing market in the field of heating appliances, which will become the leading one in the world, according to research made by German scientists. You sell a product that does not require maintenance, with a high margin. The product warranty is 5 years, the service life is more than 30 years.
  • Work directly with a European manufacturer

    7000 sq. meters of our own production facilities with modern equipment. Possibility of OEM projects. Use of high-quality materials of European production only.
  • Take your business to the next level

    Being our dealer means bringing warmth and comfort to people in their homes and offices, while providing savings to the customer at all stages (from sales to daily operation)
Why Teploceramic exactly?

    A brand that is interesting to customers
    Use OUR brand to grow YOUR business. Teploceramic is a brand known and loved by most consumers. Teploceramic - the leading manufacturer in the European and world market of infrared heating. Working with us is a guarantee of high sales due to high brand awareness.

    Convenient system of ordering and delivery of goods
    You work directly with the manufacturer. Our production guarantees that any order will be ready for shipment within 5-7 working days after the application is made and payment is received. We are located almost in the center of Europe, which allows us to guarantee the shortest delivery time. Delivery is carried out within 2-3 days, and the transport costs for delivery to Europe are approximately 3-5 euros/panel.

    Best price and maximum profit
    Your profit is at the level of 200-300% of the purchase price. The import duty rate for our products in the EU countries is 0%. You get additional discounts when ordering products. Seasonal discounts and special offers are available. The RRP is monitored to ensure that dealers receive a guaranteed level of income.

    Quick Service
    Quick solution of service issues. Minimum level of warranty cases. Complete replacement of defective panels with new ones immediately after receipt in the warehouse. In some cases, complaints are accepted in the form of photo/video materials without physically receiving the defective product.

    Training for partners
    Informative presentations about the advantages and benefits of infrared heating. Video materials on the installation and use of products. Training materials for model ranges. Informing about new types of products (articles, videos, photos). We train our partners and thereby increase the overall level of qualification of the staff in the field of heating.

    Your team of assistants
    Our managers and engineers are always in touch, providing you with constant support. Dealers are provided with qualified assistance in all matters related to the sale, calculation and installation of products. As well as on issues related to the use and promotion of products in the domestic market. Help in selecting the best assortment.

    Quality assurance
    All products are certified by the leading European certification body - TUV Nord for compliance with the standards and technical requirements for sales of products in Europe. There are CE certificates of conformity, test reports, declarations of conformity available.

    Support in advertising and product promotion
    We print advertising products: banners, stickers, catalogs. We provide stands for placing products in the sales hall. It is possible to get product samples on favorable terms.

    We will provide content to online stores
    We provide assistance in the preparation of content for online stores: video materials, studio photos of the product, photos of the product in the interior, detailed technical specifications, articles and information materials.
Information for the dealer
Преимущества партнерской программы
Ценовая политика
  • Предоставляется дилерская цена
  • Гибкая скидочная политика в зависимости от объемов закупки
  • Конкурентоспособные цены
  • Выгодные сезонные предложения и акции для дилеров
Заказ продукции в удобной форме
  • По электронной почте — оформляют менеджеры (в рабочее время)
  • По телефону — оформляют менеджеры (в рабочее время)
  • При личном посещении офиса - оформляют менеджеры (в рабочее время)
Различный варианты оплаты и доставки заказа
    Оплата производится:
  • В наличной или безналичной форме
  • Оплата производителю напрямую
  • Прозрачность всех операций
    Отгрузка продукции:
  • Самовывоз
  • Доставка транспортом по указанному адресу
  • Доставка через курьерскую службу на отделение или по адресу
  • Семь дней в неделю
Быстрый сервис
    Оплата производится:
  • Гарантия на обогреватели – 5 лет. Срок службы 30 лет и более.
  • Мы несем полную ответственность за сервисное обслуживание и соблюдение гарантийных норм согласно действующего законодательства.
  • Решение сервисных вопросов – может происходить как через торгующую организацию, так и напрямую с нами, без участия партнера.
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