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1. Heater - nichrome thread in double insulation. As a rule, it is used in blast furnaces, the operating temperatures of which are thousands of times higher than in a heater. Thanks to this, the service life of the panel is from 30 years. Double insulation of the heating element completely eliminates the risks associated with voltage drops, overheating and short circuits

2. Face side - porcelain. This is pressed granite chips with admixtures of sand, clay and other components. This material was chosen for the front side, because it is strong and durable, not subject to destruction under the influence of moisture and high temperature indicators. For impact resistance, the ceramic tile is covered with a layer of glaze, 1.5 mm thick, which makes its surface glossy

3-4. Internal filling – a sandwich made of several layers of materials (heat-resistant, insulating, thermal insulation layers). This ensures that the temperature of the back wall of the infrared heater is around 50 ℃, and the front wall is 85 ℃.

5. A special four-component eco-friendly solution that connects all elements of the heater. When it solidifies, the panel turns into a monolith. Thanks to the connecting solution, the heating element is securely fixed and does not come into contact with air, which reduces the possibility of damage to it to zero.

6. The case is metal. Metal thickness of 1 mm – ensures the strength and durability of the heater. Body painting – Italian powder paint. Double color inside and outside with further baking in a special oven. This case is resistant to moisture and dampness.

7. Infrared wave. Length – 8.33 microns. Safe and comfortable for people. Analogous to the wave that radiates from a "Russian stove" or a fireplace made of stone. Intensively and deeply warms the walls of the room. Due to this, the heat is stored for a long time. It has a beneficial effect on human health, increasing immunity and speeding up the process of cell regeneration.

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