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Cottage heating

Обогрев дачи

Use the controller to program the minimum air temperature when you are not in place and turn on the Teploceramic for full heating a few hours before your arrival. The result is that the house is warm and comfortable, and the total working hours and energy costs are minimal.

Apartment heating

Обогрев квартир

15 mm square and rectangular electric heaters Teploceramic are installed in small apartments in order to save space. For large rooms, they also buy ceramic panels of higher power. For the bathroom, Teploceramic panels are irreplaceable – they save space and not afraid of direct contact with water jets.

Complete solutions for multi-storey buildings

Комплексные решения для многоэтажных домов

Developers refuse from bulky and expensive boilers and uneconomical convectors. They use ceramic Teploceramic panels as a ready-made solution for home heating. The cost of equipment at home is limited to the purchase of the panels themselves, connecting wires and regulators.

Heating of working rooms

Отопление рабочих помещений

For offices, restaurants, salons, where electricity and heating rates are much higher than in residential complexes, it is important to use Teploceramic economical heaters. It is convenient to program the heating to turn on a couple of hours before the staff arrives at work and turn it off after the end of the working day.

Heating of social facilities: kindergartens, schools, hospitals

Отопление социальных объектов: садики, школы, больницы

For such institutions, along with saving electricity, there is safety and environmental friendliness of heating. Teploceramic heating panels are made from natural materials. All heaters are long-wave - safe for health and have protection from children. It is possible to control the degree of surface heating.

Heating of non-standard premises

Отопление нестандартных помещений

Infrared panel Teploceramic are ordered for the heating of churches and cathedrals. For such objects with high ceilings, the main thing is to correctly calculate the required number of heating devices, based on the cubic capacity of the room.

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