Delivery and payment


Delivery to the address To the branch
- FREE 100% advance payment. There is no possibility to pay for the product upon receipt
79 UAH for 1 heater FREE for 100% prepaid order for 100% prepaid order
according to the Nova Poshta rates according to the Nova Poshta rates 100% prepayment. After confirming the order, you will receive an SMS with the address, order number, and phone number of the contact person in the warehouse.
pickup from the factory 3 Malinskaya str.


Delivery in Ukraine to the branch by Delivery and Mist Express for 100% prepayment is FREE. Before the New Mail company branches (both for 100% prepayment and upon receipt of the order) – according to the rates of New Mail. Teploceramic heaters are transferred to the carrier's warehouse within 2 days. Delivery time of ceramic panels Teploceramic – up to 5 days.

Address delivery of Teploceramic heaters in Ukraine is carried out by the company Mist Express, Delivery and Novaya Pochta. The cost of delivery of the order by Mist Express is 79 UAH for one heater, regardless of the model. The cost of order delivery by Delivery company is 50 UAH for one heater (while payment for the order and delivery is 100% prepayment), Novaya Pochta – according to the rates of Novaya Pochta.

Pickup from the "Teploceramic" factory. After placing and confirming the order, you will receive an SMS message with the order number and phone number of the storekeeper.


Visa/MasterCard - payment for the order online with Visa/MasterCard cards. After payment, wait for the Manager to call with order confirmation.

Payment for the order of Teploceramic to the Bank account. After registration and confirmation of the request by the Manager, the generated invoice is sent to the email address you specified. After funds are credited, the product is ready for shipment. Return invoices by mail: 04073, Kyiv, office 403, "Teploceramic" LLC.

Payment upon receipt of the goods – Cash on delivery. For the return delivery of money to the sender, Novaya Pochta charges the recipient of the order – the cost of delivery + 20 UAH + 2% of the order price.

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