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For heating a private house, as a rule, use the method of heating for which there is enough raw material (in this area) or it is available. Gas boiler is installed in areas where gas is supplied, solid fuel boiler – nearby forests, sawmills or those who have the opportunity to buy solid fuel at an affordable price. An electric boiler is chosen because of the ease of operation, as well as if there are restrictions on a private home (for example, it is not possible to install a chimney)..

Problems with installing a boiler in a private house

Regardless of the type of fuel, during the installation of the boiler, it is necessary to take into account:

1. The dimensions of the boiler. For large boilers – preferably a separate room – boiler room. For smaller dimensions, you must select the installation location. Insulation of the boiler from residential premises is also a safety issue. Since gas, carbon monoxide, and other combustion products can lead to fatal consequences.

2. Installation and maintenance. Most types of boilers require specialists for installation and further maintenance. Annual boiler service is quite expensive, but absolutely necessary component if you want the heating system to work properly and with the efficiency that was declared by the manufacturer.

3. Components of the heating system. In addition to the boiler, for a full-fledged heating system of a private house, you need to purchase and install: pipes, shut-off valves, radiators, expansion tank, and much, much more.

4. Additionally, it is necessary to install a temperature control system in the premises, which in combination with the electronics that control the operation of the boiler, will also be expensive.

5. Installation actions are carried out before internal repairs. The complexity of installing and maintaining a boiler heating system encourages the search for simpler solutions for heating a private home

Infrared home heating

Heating a private home with infrared heaters is a way to save money and effort on purchasing, installing and maintaining a heating system.

Advantages of an infrared room heating system:

1. Low power consumption.

In rooms with minimal heat loss (walls are insulated, windows of good quality), the electricity consumption for heating 1 m2 will be about 50 W per hour, and in energy – saving homes made of SIP panels-35 W per hour.

2. Easy installation of ceramic panels. Everything you need for wall-mounted infrared heaters is included. There is an option to install on the legs. Heating panel equipment does not require further service and maintenance work.

3. Infrared electric heaters are powered by the mains.

To create a heating system using wall-mounted electric heaters, just plug in the socket and the heating panels start working.

4. The climate control system.

Infrared heating panels have built-in regulators that control both the heating temperature of the heater itself and the air.

5. Infrared heating panels can be installed at any stage of repair work.

If you installed the heat panels before finishing the walls, or wanted to reglue the wallpaper or repaint the walls - no problem, the heaters are dismantled as easily as they are installed, plus they do not require much storage space.

6. Safe infrared heat.

Long-wave infrared heaters emit comfortable and safe heat for human health.

7. Fire safety of heating panels.

The infrared ceramic heater withstands power surges and does not require constant supervision.

Economical home heating with electricity

A budget option for buying equipment for heating a private house with a large area is to install TC 395 Heat – ceramic panels. This model in beige color has the lowest market price – 119 €.

Let's compare the cost of ceramic Panels Teploceramic TC 395 and other models of Teploceramic with built-in regulators for heating the house, with an area of 97 m2.


Initial data: the walls of the house are insulated, three-chamber windows, ceiling height-2.7 m.

Total: 6 rooms with a total area of 97 m2.

Option 1. Installation of infrared panels Teploceramic TC 395


15 TC 395 heaters + 6 regulators =

119 € + 6 regulators (you can choose a budget option for 10 €) = 1 845 €.

Minus 10% discount on the promotion – 1 661 € – the cost of home equipment.

Option 2. Installation of infrared heaters with built-in regulators


For the same house, if you install heaters with regulators. The panels were selected based on the area of each room, so the entire model range is included in the calculation:

1 panel for 1000 W (TCM-RA 1000) + 2 panels for 750 W(TCM-RA 750) + 4 panels for 500 W (TCM-RA 500) + 1 panel for 550 W(TCM-RA 550) = 279 € + 2x235 € + 4x 159€ + 189 € = 1574 €.

Minus 7 % discount on the promotion.

1 462 € – cost of Teploceramic equipment with built-in regulators.

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