Heating of hotels

In the matter of heating hotels and guest houses, there are a number of nuances that you should pay attention to when choosing a system. Initially, any hotel, like other commercial enterprises, should be profitable. Accordingly, the issue of financial benefits is considered first. But we must not forget that the service provided by the hotel must guarantee the comfort of guests, so there is a flip side of the coin – heating must be of high quality.

The main nuances of hotel heating:

1. Large number of separate rooms;

2. It is necessary to provide heating of non-residential premises;

3. Rooms should be heated quickly so that residents can immediately feel comfortable;

4. Adjusting the heating level – allows you not to heat empty rooms while no one lives in them;

5. The heating system must withstand significant loads in the morning and evening – the most active time of using the devices."

Types of hotel heating systems and installation features

What kind of heating to install for the hotel, let's determine two main types of systems – local and central.

Central means that you can connect to the utility system, for example, traditional water heating. In the old days, many people stopped at this type of heating. But today, due to the low quality of services and rather expensive prices for heating, an increasing number of entrepreneurs and developers opt for local heating systems. Such alternative systems of economical heating of hotels can be: gas, electric or solid fuel.

Gas also means that there is a nearby highway that can be connected to.

Solid fuel boilers are more independent of civilization, but require a constant supply of fuel, and, accordingly, a fairly large storage space, which owners of small hotels and guest houses can not always afford. Both of these types of heating systems have their advantages, but they require significant investment in the implementation of pipelines, installation of heating devices, pumps, boilers, etc. And again, depending on the size of the building, the system is not always able to provide the necessary level of comfort for each residential and non-residential premises. Such features lead to the need to consider a more economical alternative method of heating hotels and hotels.

 Electric heating of the hotel

Previously, when electric heating appliances were represented only by electric convectors, there was a very reasonable opinion that it was quite expensive to heat a room with electricity. Fortunately, those days are long behind us and today infrared ceramic heaters are very popular on the market. The cost-effectiveness of this system lies in a completely different principle of operation. Infrared heaters do not heat the air (like any other heating devices) – their waves transmit heat to other objects in the room. Thus, the room is heated, although longer, but more economical and better.

Обогреватель Теплокерамик в апартаментах Киев

«"Sunny apartments on 36 Lomonosova" Kyiv

How it works:

• infrared heaters do not waste resources on heating the air under the ceiling;

• installation of a regulator in each room allows you to control the temperature regime and also saves electricity when there are no guests;

• installation of ceramic heaters allows you to save on consumables and on the work of the master, all necessary, as a rule,is provided by the manufacturer;

• they work completely silently.

For residential and non – residential premises of the hotel, different types of panels with different wavelengths can be used-long-wave panels for rooms where people live and short-wave panels for corridors, stairwells, etc.

Example of installing electric heating in hotels in Ukraine

Today, the rejection of Central heating has become the norm for entire cities, and even more so for modern hotel complexes, hotels or guest houses. To save money during the installation of heating in the hotel, and in the future, during operation, many modern entrepreneurs and developers choose infrared ceramic panels.

Examples of hotels and hotel complexes where Teploceramic heaters are used as the main heating:

• ""Sunny apartments on 36 Lomonosova"" Kyiv.

• Hotel ""Podkova"" in Rivne.

• Hotel complexes in Svityaz village, Shatsky district, Volyn region.

• Hotel complexes in Bukovel, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

• Hotel complexes in the town of Vorokhta, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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