Economical heating of a Barber shop, beauty salon

Hairdressers and beauty salons always strive to create maximum comfort for their visitors. Therefore, the issue of heating often becomes very problematic – on the one hand, visitors should be comfortable, on the other – as in any business, it is necessary to minimize the cost of heating.

If a beauty salon is connected to Central heating, owners often face problems:

• large amounts for heating when its quality is low;

• lack of a comfortable temperature regime – in the off-season it is always cold, in winter it is often hot;

• you cannot control the cost of heating;

• it is difficult to heat the stylist or reception area locally.

In such situations, it is often necessary to use additional heaters, which carries a lot of inconvenience and, in particular, additionally loads the power grid.


The latter can lead to interruptions in work, and a non-working salon loses customers and incurs losses. As a result, there is a need to find an alternative solution – one that will be comfortable for visitors and employees, practical for a beauty salon, and also economical in terms of heating costs.

In this case, the simplest option is to choose electric heating devices – they are easy to use, quickly connect without unnecessary permissions and paperwork.

Electric heating for beauty salon, hair salon

The usual heating device is a convector. But convectors, which we are so used to, are very inconvenient to use in practice:

• dry the air, which may negatively affect the safety of materials and the quality of services provided;

• the convector heats the air directly, which quickly cools down;

• warm air, according to the laws of physics, rises to the ceiling – accordingly, such heating is simply irrational."

But there is an alternative – really practical modern methods of heating rooms with electricity. We are talking about infrared panels, which differ from convectors in that they do not heat the air, but objects located in the room, which subsequently heat the room itself.

Infrared panels in beauty salons and hairdressers

Today, infrared panels are not uncommon. They are used as an additional source of heating, as well as as an independent system – this is a profitable alternative to central heating.


The main advantages of infrared panels:

• economical use – not the air is heated, but the surrounding objects, which allows you to keep warm and comfortable for a long time;

• fully controlled operation of the heating device – you can always create the necessary conditions for the work of masters and the convenience of customers;

• stylish design – the panels visually have an aesthetic appearance that will fit into the interior of the salon;

• heaters with a regulator allow you to control the consumption of electricity. A programmable controller independently starts the device before the arrival of employees and turns off at the end of the working day. There are also options with a Wi-Fi controller that allows you to control the operation of the device remotely.

An important issue is the simplicity of putting the system into operation, in cases when the salon is already working, and accordingly the interior has already been created, equipped workplaces, etc. And even from this point of view, infrared panels will be convenient for your business – they are installed in a ready – made repair, without damage to the walls (regardless of the finishing material- wallpaper or painted wall).

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